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What Is YourJS?

YourJS is a fully customizable JavaScript utility library which gives you complete control. You have the freedom to choose what is going to be included in your JS library so that you can minimize what is used in each project. You also have the ability to name the library that you design thusly easily avoiding namespace collisions.

What Are Snippets?

Snippets are segments of code that can either be included in YourJS or segments of stand-alone code. Click here to see the latest Snippets.

What Is TAP?

TAP stands for The Awesome Pages and is a repository of helpful JavaScript links and resources. TAP is controlled by you so you can add links and also thumbs up the links that you found helpful.Click here to see the most popular links shared.

How Big Is YourJS?

YourJS can be as small or as big as you want it to be. The size really depends on the code that you include in your library. When downloading the library, you will notice that the ZIP file will contain a compressed (minified using Google Closure Compiler Service) version of the library and an uncompressed version of the library.